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Brows - Nano Brows

Hair stroke cosmetic tattoo

  • 2 hr
  • 450 US dollars

Service Description

The best thing to happen to Permanent Cosmetics since Micro blading! A tattoo machine is used instead of a manual micro blade to create natural looking brow hair strokes with less trauma to the skin. Depending on life style and skin type, Nano Brows are longer lasting and have better color retention...typically up to two plus years. A 6 week perfecting session is required at which time machine shading can be applied. Please note the touch up service fee is not included in the initial service price. If you have brows which were tattooed at another studio (this includes micro blade), there is a possibility of too much saturation in which case a Powder Brows may be a better option. *NOT ALL PREVIOUSLY TATTOOED BROWS CAN BE REFRESHED OR CORRECTED WITH THE NANO BROW TECHNIQUE. IT IS POSSIBLE A REMOVAL WILL BE REQUIRED BEFORE ANY PROCEDURE.

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