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Pre-service Cosmetic Tattoo Illustration

Illustration of brows BEFORE a commitment

  • 1 h
  • 50 US dollars

Service Description

Committing to a cosmetic tattoo can be daunting. At Maven Cosmetic Tattoo Studio a Pre-service Cosmetic Tattoo Brow Illustration can eliminate indecisiveness so that service you've been putting off can be scheduled for those long awaited brows! Illustrations are hand drawn by Kelley so each guest receives a customized picture showing the difference beautiful brows can make. Actual tattooed brows will not look EXACTLY like the illustration! Color and shape will be dictated by the guest's skin type as well as any changes discussed. The $50 Illustration fee is non-refundable but will apply to your Maven Cosmetic Tattoo brow cosmetic tattoo service. Simply send Kelley 2-3 selfies at arm's length - standing in great light in front of a window during the day is best - retake the pictures until they are very clear. Be sure to include your first and last name with the pictures. Send to 931.451.7088 Kelley will send the illustration to you and schedule a time to discuss your options. Not everyone is a candidate for Nano Strokes (hair stroke technique). If you have large pores, scars, or rough skin then consider Powder Brows (soft shading technique).

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